Starting up my YouTube again :)

I plan to start posting on my YouTube channel again within the next week or so. Its not the same kind of stuff I usually post here though.

Whereas here I post reviews and opinions, YouTube is usually reserved for story time videos I made that I call “Draw My Vlogs” where I talk about something that’s happened to me either recently, or just to talk about whatever has been on my mind.

I’m still posting reviews to sound cloud occasionally, but this is my main focus and I hope you guys like it! Here’s the first video of 2018.

Thanks for giving it a shot! Have a lovely day 🙂



This is LONG overdue.

I saw Coco twice in the past month and the only reason I haven’t seen it a third time, is because…. taking the time to emotionally skewer myself a third time will only dehydrate me. I have a hard time staying hydrated as it is, and I will not let an exceptionally well made and heart wrenching story ruin what little progress I have made. Continue reading


So I had this random urge to watch Metropolis over the weekend, and ended up tracking it down online. I’d only ever seen it once before, and I didn’t much remember my experience with it back then. I should have probably taken that as a hint to avoid watching it again, but you know me and my curiosity, I just couldn’t let it go. I mean have you seen the cover? It’s gorgeous, and it’s from the patron saint of manga, Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy.
maxresdefault (1)
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