Starting up my YouTube again :)

I plan to start posting on my YouTube channel again within the next week or so. Its not the same kind of stuff I usually post here though.

Whereas here I post reviews and opinions, YouTube is usually reserved for story time videos I made that I call “Draw My Vlogs” where I talk about something that’s happened to me either recently, or just to talk about whatever has been on my mind.

I’m still posting reviews to sound cloud occasionally, but this is my main focus and I hope you guys like it! Here’s the first video of 2018.

Thanks for giving it a shot! Have a lovely day 🙂


Rated: MA for Mature

Good Hentai: Yamatogawa

Hentai is typically this really shameful thing that you shouldn’t  get into because it is essentially porn. Like regular porn but with extreme circumstances, where absolutely nothing is safe, including your favorite childhood characters. The innocence of certain loli’s will always be compromised while the RULE 34 Fan artists exist.

(Side note: I don’t condone or support loli in hentai. Its weird and creepy to me.)

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