Conflicted Mary

In my latest installment of “I-speak-unprofessionally-about-whatever-I’ve-been consuming-lately-while-I-let-the-Boscia-mask-on-my-face-dry” …. I really have to work on that title… I’m gonna talk about a movie I got to see on Sunday.
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It has been a while hasn’t it?

Recently I’ve been getting more and more into the little distractions that Facebook provides for me in the form of ads on my newsfeed. One that caught my eye was Webtoon, which is kind of like a free comic reading app, that updates its chapters periodically. Well… it’s not kind of like that… that’s exactly what it is. I use the word “comic” very broadly here. Forgive me. Apps like this have been creeping up on my newsfeed a LOT actually, and I thought that it might just be another that I would suckered into, and ultimately regret.
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