Secret Garden

So I recently finished watching the Korean dramaΒ Secret Garden, a TV, soap opera about a rich man who manages a lofty shopping center, and a poor underappreciated stunt woman.

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I Have A Bone To Pick With This Movie

I just finished reading The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, after of course watching the movie, and completely falling in love with how Jennifer Lawrence, one of my favorite actresses, plays Tiffany. The ironic part about this whole ordeal is that I picked up the book long before I saw the movie and never came around to flipping to page one. Then I saw the movie, and said “OH GOSH THIS IS MY FAVORITE ROM COM EVERRRRR” when the credits rolled, so of course, I tore through my two book shelves and the three piles of books I have, looking for it.

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Kick-Ass Comics, and all their epicosity

kickMore throwback posts, but this is current news. I Just had Gastric Sleeve Surgery! The reason i’ve been using my old posts is to prepare to start blogging again while I got ready for my surgery. It’s been hard, but it’s all happening! (And I’m SUPER glad about it!)

Back to the post:

So once I figured out that Kick-Ass was on its very last issue, #28 (or chapter 8 of Kick-Ass 3 I suppose) I had to go and re-read the entire series from beginning to end. Thanks to my trusty tab I was able to do so just in time for the last book to come out on… you guessed it…. Wednesday.

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Mister PILGRIM! (The Books vs The Movie)


As you can probably imagine, if you’ve read anything else i’ve posted. It takes me a while to read anything, and to watch anything to the fullest. People tell me I spend “too much time” invested into my little tab 2, watching cartoons and reading too many comic books on the train to notice the cute girl sitting in front of me (they would be wrong through). Continue reading

I’m Still Alive–I Think (Rant About InFamous)

I apologize for not having updated in a shamefully long period of time, and for the posting of old things to this blog, instead of new material. Things have been happening, and they’ve been sucking away at my life force, leaving me with half a measly heart left in my health meter. I’ve been trying to find life giving apples and bananas, but these boss battles are just too much for me. I’m having surgery in 4 days.. and it’s nerve wrecking to say the least.

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So Transcendence…

I got the chance to see this movie last night, and let me tell you, it was ALMOST worth the sleep deprived state I was in at work today. I literally almost lost a client. But man, the movie was so much better than I thought it would be.

-I am going to attempt not to spoil major plot points, but I’m not very good at doing that, I’m just warning you.-
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