Conflicted Mary

In my latest installment of “I-speak-unprofessionally-about-whatever-I’ve-been consuming-lately-while-I-let-the-Boscia-mask-on-my-face-dry” …. I really have to work on that title… I’m gonna talk about a movie I got to see on Sunday.

It’s a little hour and twenty minute action movie, called Proud Mary, starring Taraji P. Henson, and its something I was actually looking forward to for a month or so, ever since I saw the very artistic promotional poster (the one I used in my featured image).

Unfortunately for me, the promo poster seemed to be the most visually appealing thing involving Proud Mary, other than Mary herself.

The synopsis reads:

Taraji P. Henson is Mary, a hit woman working for an organized crime family in Boston, whose life is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes bad.

I just want to say that the synopsis, the trailer, and the poster are all pretty misleading in my opinion. The hit doesn’t go bad per say, she just has a heart… at least… when it comes to children. The trailer made it seem like it would have a lot more impact than it actually did in my opinion. It didn’t exactly promise anything new, but at the same time it did seem like this would be a lot more action heavy, and a bit more clever than it actually turned out to be. When I watched it I thought she was some kind of vigilante going after the bad guys, and in a way that’s kind of the way the movie tries to spin it… but it fails.

Kind of miserably.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Taraji. I’m a fan of hers, mainly because of her role as Cookie Lyon, so of course seeing her sassy self on the big screen is a moment worth my time…. I just wish she didn’t have to work so hard to make the movie better than what it was. She kind of carried it from beginning to end, but it was an uphill battle with everything from the script to the monstrous flaws in her character working against her.

I mean honestly. Being understood was a BIIIIIG thing in this movie. It was said something around 15 times, and every time after the first three I kind of just rolled my eyes. This mob really must have an issue with communication if they feel the need to keep asking that every time one of it’s members is talking to someone.
One wonders why else they would all need to repeat it so much. The rest of the dialogue seems like it was rushed in some places, repetitive in others, and could have been copied and pasted in from almost any other typical action movie. Not even a clever one liner.

Also the movie tries to sell you on this whole.. mother/son bond that was kind of crammed in to make Mary more… maternal… I guess? In my opinion we really didn’t need her to hammer in the whole proud mommy thing. She could have just been a badass hitman with a heart and I would have liked her just the same. Image result for proud maryMaybe even more so. We’ve seen how it worked for Deadpool. But instead we get what we get, and its a little hard to digest. The story takes place in the course of maybe three days? A week tops. Yet somehow this kid becomes an integral part of Mary’s life, and its not to protect him, but out of something that starts out of sympathy. Somehow she wants him, and us to believe that this grows into love, despite the actions she takes before, and after she says that she cares about him. You know… it’s better when we as the audience don’t need to be told what a character feels. It’s nice when we see it happen. When there’s a mutual bond there. But this kid is so unlikable I almost don’t CARE whether or not she genuinely wants him to have a better life. He’s a brat. He’s ungrateful. He’s disrespectful, and I get that they were trying to make it cute but it’s more aggravating than anything.

If you want to see a badass violent movie about a hardened human being protecting a child, that grows into a paternal thing without you being TOLD about it, do yourself a favor, and watch Logan. You don’t even have to be a fan of X-Men to enjoy it.

To avoid spoilers, i wont be telling you why they end up together in the first place, but it really just starts the ball rolling on just how troublesome Mary is as a character. She starts the conflict that she’s meant to fight, and perpetuates said conflict throughout the entire movie.

Though I did feel sorry for Mary towards the end, I felt more sympathetic towards Taraji for having to stick through this project in its entirety, when the studio behind it didn’t even back it up. It just felt like a massive waste of her time. She was cool, and her character could have been too, if she wasn’t reduced to… well…. I don’t even know how to describe Mary really, but it definitely isn’t proud.

But I guess “conflicted Mary” doesn’t sound very catchy.

Image result for proud mary

A friend of mine made a good point after watching this movie in saying that this probably would have been done better as a mini series, where the characters would have been better developed, so that we could care more about who dies and why. Maybe if the time was taken to write some good dialogue, with some great characters, and a proper plot that wasn’t so slapped together I personally could have enjoyed it more.


Then again who knows. I’m just a girl behind a screen with unimportant opinions.

Not an actual movie critic.

As for a rating if you need one, wait for a Netflix and chill night. It’s the perfect movie to put on the in background while you make out with bae thing.

(Sorry Taraji 😦 )


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