It has been a while hasn’t it?

Recently I’ve been getting more and more into the little distractions that Facebook provides for me in the form of ads on my newsfeed. One that caught my eye was Webtoon, which is kind of like a free comic reading app, that updates its chapters periodically. Well… it’s not kind of like that… that’s exactly what it is. I use the word “comic” very broadly here. Forgive me. Apps like this have been creeping up on my newsfeed a LOT actually, and I thought that it might just be another that I would suckered into, and ultimately regret.

I fell into the Lezhin comics trap prior to this, and to this day have yet to finish that comic. Why did men stop wearing heels? Long title, very entertaining story. Hopefully I can finish it soon and review that next. But the problem there was that I had to pay to finish it, and I didn’t have the funds to do so.

The comic that was being advertised for this app though, is call My Boo. It gave me a very Casper-like vibe, and being the huge fan of gushy romance that I am, I decided to give it a shot.

I’m so glad I made that call.

Speaking about the app itself, it did take me a week or two to read this comic in its entirety since it hadn’t been completed yet. But it caught me in such a way that 12am (the usual time that it was uploaded) could never come soon enough for me.

The synopsis simply reads, when you have an invisible roommate, but it is oh so much more than just that. It is the story of a woman named Yuri So, as she comes to terms with her past, and her ability to see ghosts, as she interacts with the one living in her new apartment, who goes by the name of Jun.

Now I have to admit that when I saw the ad for it, I didn’t expect this story to delve as deep as it did, or to touch on the topics that it did. There are certain romance stories that you read to escape. That is what I thought this would be, but its more thought provoking during its later chapters. It really makes you feel for the main characters, and their separate journeys toward acceptance within themselves.


There are quite a few moments in here that are a little bit cheeky, and cute. The art style is simple, but not so simple that it is boring to look at after a few panels. Like others that I’ve read on these apps, it gives enough detail to understand the scene without questioning it. I enjoyed reading Yuri’s story, and seeing the subtle changes as time passed. It really ties the whole thing together in a visually interesting package, since this whole manhwa thing is a little new to me.

Starting out, it does piques your interest. A girl who can see ghosts, avoiding the ghost in her house so that she is not bothered by him. Things take a pretty funny turn when he accidentally finds out that she can actually see him, and then the real story begins. With some difficulty they find a balance between their wants and needs, and we get to see them learn to like each other, and interact with each other in ways that you wouldn’t normally think of. He helps her with work, and is like… an invisible security guard, which I thought was pretty cool. What was also interesting was seeing them grapple with the lack of physical touch in their relationship in different ways.
I thought it was very interesting that they used the memory of feeling to touch each other. Kind of like sensing the energy patterns within one another. It’s sad to read about, but it does give you a lot of “aww” moments when you realize that it comes from a place of deep need and care. Yuri does a lot of small little things to make him feel like he is actually present in the apartment, to make him remember his humanity. The connection that they foster is a little quick, but at the same time it runs deep for the both of them.

I liked the both of them a lot. It was the outside characters that kind of lost me. Her friends, his old high school friend, anyone much associated with them outside of the apartment, was just….so hard to like. Granted, it was hard to like even Yuri sometimes. She’s a bit stubborn, and maybe a little hard headed when it comes to her situation, but when you learn why, you understand that it’s really her coping mechanisms getting in the way. The story is less about them, and more about her taking a healthier approach in her relationships with people (including Jun). But with characters like these surrounding them, once really has to wonder why she would bother. Her friends, though justified in thinking that maybe she has a tiny screw loose, go about talking to her the wrong ways if they wanted to be the good friends they thought they were. Jun’s friend, the crazy one, started out as an interesting conflict. Once I saw her story, I almost felt bad for her, and maybe this is just the need for something cliché, but there is no redemption for her in my opinion. She turned from crazy, to bitter and crazy, when she could have just had her closure, and healed herself from all the trouble she caused. She’s a spiral that just doesn’t stop spinning.
But crazy is as crazy does I suppose.

Jun I have to say is probably the purest character, which is a given seeing as he is the only ghost in our main cast. He is the source of 90% of the adorable moments, and of some of our tear jerkers as well. And ending the comic made me miss him the most out of everyone. He’s like… the naïve kid brother you just want to hold and never let go.

At the end of the day, I can’t say much more without spoilers, as I am trying to keep these things spoiler-light from now on, but I can say with confidence that if you are the kind to feel empathetic to the characters you read, you will definitely feel some things by the last chapter of My Boo.

Not just because of their relationship, how it develops, and how the story ends, but because of their personal growth, and struggles. Its touching, its heartwarming, and of course it will be sad. What love story about a ghost and a living person do you know that ends happily really? I felt a sense of loss, but I also gained something from reading it.

As for a rating, My Boo is very much binge-worthy. So if you can, please do, and bring a tissue.



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