Moogie After Dark: Metamorphosis

(Aka Emergence // Aka Henshin)
By ShindoL

First NEW blog post!!

MA readers only
(sorry haha)This is the second post i’m making about hentai. I’m not sure what direction i’m taking this blog in… lol
I felt the need to talk about this one specifically because it’s not your typical hentai though.

I’d heard of this manga from “Akidearest” on YouTube. I follow her channel religiously of course, so when she gave a glowing  mini review of this manga/hentai I decided to add it to my list of things to read before the year was out.

I told you guys before I’m bad at keeping up with things right??

By the time this is posted, it should be about a week or two after my surgery, but at this moment, i’m due to wake up in about 3 hours, to take my dog Addie to his sitter, before I finish preparing to head to the hospital. I couldn’t sleep though, I was so… enamored with this book that I HAD to finish it tonight.


Synopsis: “Saki Yoshida is a graduating middle school student with little to look forward to in life. Having been shy at the beginning, she wound up not making a single friend during middle school and wants to change that in high school starting with her looks. Saki might find out that she got more than she bargained for, though, when fate takes a turn for the worse and her newly blooming youth crumbles.

It’s only seven chapters, and the art is done very well, though some of the dialogue is a little hard to digest. At first I thought it might have been translated a little badly but no.. it’s not. It’s just that this main character is so… childish, and naive. That’s just the way she speaks.

I won’t lie, I kind of knew what I was signing up for because of Aki’s mini review during one of her Otaku favorites videos. But I’d expected something a little similar to another manga, which I have a blog post coming up for, called Oyasumi PunPun. It’s heavy, and a little much for your typical manga, let alone hentai.

I will now colorfully describe my experience reading this work.

The first couple of chapters weren’t much out of the ordinary in my opinion. I mean they weren’t exactly… happy (?) to say the least, but they weren’t all that depressing. It’s screwed up that her high school life goes so south so fast, and you get a quick dose of just exactly how ignorant Saki is. It’s sad, but it’s also familiar to other characters in other manga or anime. She takes words at face value, she doesn’t question anything, and even when she believes that she should, she has no sense of self discipline at all. She’s kind of afflicted with that “overly sensitive” trope that most hentai girls tend to have (that I’ve seen) and it only bruises her character and her reputation, instead of making her more desirable they way most hentai turn out. It doesn’t really benefit her. I mean in HER mind it does, but in the timelines of her life, that sensitivity did nothing but enable her actions that literally just spell disaster for her.

By the end of chapter two surely, you ask yourself almost hopelessly, she will have learned about the cruelties of the real world? Surely she will try to turn her life around before it gets too bad?

Wait there are 5 more chapters…

Things go on such a downward spiral for her, and so quickly, that you wonder how she just… lets these things happen to her. More than once I had to remind myself that she is technically an introverted girl, who spent most of her time inside. She isn’t educated about these traps that she continues to fall into. At least not well enough that she can avoid them. She did everything to fit in with the other girls at her school, and to please her randomly acquired boyfriend Hayato. Poor decision making skills yeah, but at the same time, I feel like if any of us were caught on a bad day during that age, or just before we learned about the things she’s exposed to in this book, we’d have fallen for kind words just as much as she did, and perhaps just as quickly.

It’s out of partial vanity, the need to continue feeling good, and the need to please those around her that she continues her facade. Some would have found the game too stressful and would have quit, and at one point I was convinced that she would, but instead she just… dove further into what she called “the adult world.” Though admittedly, she wasn’t given much of a choice, as her disgraceful mother tossed her out into the street, unaware of what fate she just sealed for her own daughter, due to her pig-ish husband’s actions. Saki only had one person left to turn to. Her pseudo boyfriend, who gets her addicted to drugs, and has her “work” to pay his debts, buy more drugs, and feed his lifestyle. The bastard even has a girl on the fucking side!

I could go on forever about this manga and how much it effected me. I could sit here and pick apart each and every chapter, and tell you what happens, and the way it made me feel. I could even warn you about the hell that is chapter 7, and how as a woman, it made me sick to my stomach, knowing how painful it must have been, how scary, and how much it wasn’t really her fault in the beginning. She was just a little girl that got lost on her way to growing up, and chapter 7 seemed to… wrap that whole package up as a series of unfortunate events that happened to her, just because she wanted to fit in. Ultimately making her an outcast, who was taken advantage of from beginning to end. Someone who just couldn’t say no.

I know this feeling.

At the end of the day, this hentai is more just a manga with very detailed sex scenes in it. It doesn’t really get the jimmies rustled, and i’m not sure that it’s intended to. I personally think that it’s intended to be a warning against getting as lost as she did. Or maybe it’s just the big bang moment some people need to understand the world a bit better, because…. there are women who really do go through these things.

It’s a hard hitter, but it’s a good read, despite the last chapter being incredibly hard to get through. I barely managed to finish it, mainly to find out whether or not she survived. I didn’t want to abandon her story I suppose, despite it just being a story.

I feel like I should get the physical copy to this manga to add it to my library, as I would definitely read it again…. just not anytime soon.

My poor bitty heart can’t take it.



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