I’m Still Alive–I Think (Rant About InFamous)

I apologize for not having updated in a shamefully long period of time, and for the posting of old things to this blog, instead of new material. Things have been happening, and they’ve been sucking away at my life force, leaving me with half a measly heart left in my health meter. I’ve been trying to find life giving apples and bananas, but these boss battles are just too much for me. I’m having surgery in 4 days.. and it’s nerve wrecking to say the least.

(throwback post)

Okay so seriously, all Rocket Knight references aside, I’ve been living life, if you can call it that, and I’ve been on the cusp between enjoying the little perks I can enjoy, and figuratively tearing my hair out.

Anyway, this blog isn’t meant for personal updates, its meant for rants about games and TV shows, and all that other awesome stuff. So here I go.

(I’ve decided that there is virtually no point in NOT spoiling certain things because–well– I’m not an actual reviewer. I’m a girl behind a computer ranting about the stuff that upset her in what she chose as entertainment. So screw it. Spoilers away! — Though if my ranting about INFAMOUS–ONE OF THE OLDER PS3 GAMES–is a spoiler… that’s not my fault.)


After three years of losing my data to horrible PS3 related coincidences, I finally decided to pluck up the courage and start InFamous again… for the fifth time. I felt pretty optimistic after having to start Sonic and Sega All-Stars Transformed for the… sixth time… and being able to save my data, and actually beat the game. Then I got Playstation Plus, so my data is SUPER safe. HOORAY!

I’m not gonna talk much about what this game is about because it should be pretty well known by now. This dude named Cole gets powers, and depending on your choices in the game, he either terrorizes his city, or becomes a hero by saving it… well purifying it would be the proper word to use here. I, being the smart little lady I am, beat InFamous on [hard] while being the good guy. Because if there is anything that playing video games that have two sides to the story for years will teach you, its that being the bad guy is hard enough without making it harder, by setting the game to HARD. Let me tell you, it was the smartest gaming related decision I’ve ever made. If I put this much thought and effort into my actual life, and goals and whatnot, I think I’d be a much happier person.

All the missions were super easy, the only difficult thing about this game is the occasional boss battle. On hard, there’s a certain boss fight that happens with this insane hobo douchebag named Alden, and he is yelling at you, and is manipulating his junk titans to attack you and I don’t know how many times I had to restart that fight, or die. It was crazy. At one point I felt like I might have been fighting Sephiroth. And I already knew he wasn’t the big baddy. Alden isn’t the end game, he’s the appetizer, but it was hard (T^T)

The fight that follows on the bridge wasn’t all that much fun either. I wanted to reach through the screen and tear the stupid thing’s head off. His shots were glitching through the divider that was supposed to be shielding me, his fire was on point, and he sent those little junk spiders at me too. I wound up chucking my controller twice because of it!

But anyway… haha

The only thing that I absolutely cannot stand about this game is the blast shards. In all honesty I can’t stand this element from ANY video game. The scattered items throughout the game that don’t really do anything but accumulate. I mean to be fair, your collecting them does make Cole’s ability to store energy greater, so he can go longer without charging. But in this specific game, after a while, when your meter reaches about halfway across your screen, you kind of wonder why you even bother. Apart from those moments you abuse that super thunderstorm, there are so many ways to charge, that the only point in finding all of them is to get the trophy for finding all of them. At least finding the dead drops was interesting, it was a story within a story. A Midsummer Night’s InFamous. (Let me just add that after playing the game THROUGH…TWICE to find those stupid things, I have YET to find them all. One file is stuck on that ONE shard that I can’t find, and the other is stuck on 10. So screw the blast shards, and both the unreliable maps I was using to find them!

“Hey Moogie, thats cheating!”

YOU go find 350+ pieces of glowing blue rock scattered across three islands! Or just The Warren alone! I HATE THE WARREN! AAAARRRGHHH)


Every mission, boss fight, side mission, every single thing (other than the Blast Shards) that adds up to the finale of this game, is totally worth it JUST because of what you find out after Cole beats Kessler. My mouth dropped, my soul shook, my hands quivered. It was such a big twist, and it was done in such a way that, when you look back, you kind of kick yourself for not noticing it sooner. Especially if you go back and fight Sasha again. Its like “OOOHHH SHE’S NOT THAT CRAZY AFTER ALL!”

Because of said twist, and also because I haven’t played InFamous 2 yet, I have this theory that Sasha could be Trish from that alternate timeline. Don’t ruin my dreams. Trish turning into Sasha has to be the biggest character improvement in the history of shitty characters like Trish. I couldn’t stand her in either story line. Finding out that no matter what you do, she dies, made me laugh in the most maniacal way. I channeled my own inner Sasha. It was lovely.

Anyway, I’d give it 4.4 out of 5… I guess.

“Why not a 4.5 Moogie?”

Because nothing satisfies me more than giving it a score CLOSE to being valid, but not quite. It’s almost like… 1 missing blast shard…out of 356. šŸ™‚

*eye twitch*

The half point that I docked, wasn’t just because of the stinkin’ blast shards. It was also the INSANE amount of glitches that I found in the game. There were pedestrians that were in an infinite falling loop, that dropped dead if you touched them. I’ve fallen through a building, a bridge, and even the ground on a few occasions, AND, I’ve had Cole hanging through objects and on absolutely nothing. While entertaining, they’re still not the mark of a polished game. It was sonic adventure all over again.


8 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive–I Think (Rant About InFamous)

      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        Some new moves but some would say it doesn’t do as well as the original, the blast shard radar you get near the end of the game lets you find all of them and I’m pretty sure there are more than the number needed for the achievement and upgrades as you can get them from random events as well as being found.

        Liked by 1 person

      • As long as I still have that diesel Lightning storm move, I will not complain about powers.

        I might sound like a total jackass for saying this, but am I the only one who didn’t really use the Polarity wall much?


      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        The “polarity wall” finds fantastic use as a new ability in 2 that also regains energy when being fired upon if memory serves, it kinda made being hero more practical, although evil still has the more enjoyable enemy nuke.


      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        You get the thunder storm plus one “nuke” like attack based upon your inclination to good or evil, the good one is situational honestly but the evil one is fantastic. Shame you can get a viciously powerful skill in the hero branch that turns enemies into a joke though.


      • 2 is sounding better with every detail you’re telling me.

        I made the mistake of spoiling a few things story wise when I tried to look up the thing I wrote about Sasha. I was disappointed AND a major plot point was spoiled. So sad lol


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